Florida Center for Inclusive Communities Self-Employment Activities


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"The Florida Center for Inclusive Communities houses the Center for Self-Employment (CSE), which is responsible for self-employment supports for the state of Florida. The Center engages in three core areas of service in order to deliver self-employment supports and build capacity within the stated.

1. Direct Service: The Center receives referrals from Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors regarding eligible VR customers who are interested in pursuing self-employment. The Center provides training and support so VR customers to develop a business design team and a viable business plan.

2. Capacity Building: The Center conducts an application process and identifies potential providers of self-employment supports. The CSE then provides direct training and technical assistance for the providers…

3. Material Development and Dissemination: The Center is developing self-employment related materials and resources, which will be in accessible electronically and hard-copy formats."

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