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~~“DMH  believes  that  work  plays  a  critical  role  in  improving  quality  of  life  and  mental  health  outcomes  of  the  people  we  serve  as  part  of  their  recovery  journey.  In  January  2015,  DMH  provided  funding  to  develop  four  pilot  sites  to  offer    Supported   Employment   to   75   individuals   with   mental   illness.  The  sites  are  located  in  Community  Mental  Health  Center Regions 2, 7, 10 and 12. Supported employment, an evidenced-based  way  to  help  people  diagnosed  with  mental  illnesses  secure  and  keep  employment,  begins  with  the  idea  that  every  person  with  a  serious  mental  illness  is  capable  of  working competitively in the community. In F Y18, the DMH Supported    Employment    Pilot    Prog ram    assisted    257    individuals  on  their  road  to  recovery  by  helping  them  to  become employed in the openly competitive job market.”

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